We Provide Street Food Delivery in Calgary

Looking for street food delivery in Calgary? Bombay Dosa Cafe is a food restaurant Calgary NE that’s offering a wide range of authentic and traditional South Indian Food. Our main goal is to offer the real taste of India to our beloved customers in Canada. When it comes to the food that we make, our experienced chefs use fresh ingredients and spices to enhance the taste of the dishes that we make on a day-to-day basis.

Our chefs are dedicated to providing the best street food in Calgary at the lowest rates

South Indian Food Calgary

Everything Is Fresh When We Make South Indian Food Calgary

At Bombay Dosa Cafe, we know that in order to bring the authentic taste of Indian food to the table, we have to use the best and the freshest ingredients, which is why when we prepare our south Indian food in Calgary, we only use local and freshly produced ingredients. From the spices to the meat and the vegetables, our staff gets fresh and high-quality produce!

Amazing Customer Service Is A Priority At Food Restaurant Calgary NE

We know how much customer satisfaction is important, which is why at food restaurant Calgary NE we prioritize amazing customer service. Thanks to our experienced chef and staff, everything is done smoothly at our chain of restaurants. We can assure you that you will get the best South Indian food at the lowest rates possible without having to worry about the quality!


Let Us Cater For You

Not only in our restaurants, but we also offer catering services! Right now, we can cater for:

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