Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular South Indian dishes?

Well, if you visit our restaurant then you get to explore the diverse dosa options available from masala dosa to idly sambhar, & vada sambhar chat we have everything available on our menu. The food taste will let you fall for our South Indian food Calgary & you will visit again for the same experience.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, as our restaurant is referred to as the best vegetarian restaurant in Calgary we offer numerous veg options that make them have an astonishing experience & time at our place. So, if you are a proper vegetarian then you can make your precious visit to our restaurant for more.

Does your restaurant have a family-friendly environment?

Yes, of course, our place has a good family-friendly environment that will make people love to visit again with other near & dear ones not only for food but for ambiance as well as the environment. These little things make our place one of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Calgary among others.

Are your dishes spicy?

To have a proper answer to this question, you have to visit our restaurant. It’s because instead of restaurants, people more accurately judge the spice level by tasting it & when they fall for it they recommend others about the same place.

Do you serve any street food with South Indian dishes?

Of course, with South Indian food with do serve various dishes at our restaurant like:

  • DOSA

& more with the best street food in Calgary to satisfy our customer’s cravings based on their moods.

What types of chutneys do you offer?

With food chutney is the main side dish that either makes the dish a big hit or a big flop. So, to offer an unforgettable dining experience we do offer different chutneys with dishes. And if you want to know more then you can visit us & check the menu yourself to have a better time.

With different available dishes do you have different drinks available on the menu?

To make everyone fall for our place & visit us again for more we do have drinks on our menu available. So that, with food people don’t feel like missing something & order any of their favorite drinks to have for an astonishing experience.

Can I customize the level of spiciness in my dish?

When you are ordering food at our place, our staff is always ready to help you by offering helpful assistance. However, you can make your visit & get the spice level customized as per your needs.

Are your ingredients locally sourced?

Definitely, to offer amazing taste & time to our customers we do use locally sourced ingredients as they are important to us. So, to be more familiar with this fact you can check our menu & order your favorite to know about fresh taste & recommend us to your loved ones.

With Sweets do you serve ice cream?

After food, everyone loves to have ice cream instead of other hot sweets. So, for that time also made both hot sweets & the best ice cream in Calgary available for everyone to make them have the one that they want to try.