What to Expect in Starters of Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary?

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People who love animals and participate in programs to stop animal cruelty always prefer veg food by visiting famous vegetarian restaurants in their city.

Calgary, a cosmopolitan Alberta city with numerous skyscrapers offers vegan food lovers an opportunity to eat here at different famous vegetarian restaurants. Vegetarian Restaurant In Calgary offers food focusing on health, environmental and ethical benefits. 

Eating at Bombay Dosa Cafe can be an unforgettable experience to try out veg food. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian cuisines such as burgers, soups, and Pizza loaded with mouth-watering flavors, herbs and spices. To know what to expect in starters of vegetarian restaurants follow the article till the end.

1. Idly: A South Indian Delight

Easy to digest Idly is the kind of starters offered in breakfast. No vegetarian restaurant menu is incomplete without the healthy and tasty South Indian dish, Idly. Being the healthiest and most popular South Indian dish this light & fluffy round rice cake has a special place in the hearts of Calgarians. 

Finding Steamed Idly in a vegetarian restaurant menu is a light and nutritious option. It is a craving meal for those who prefer a subtle taste and a soft, spongy texture. 

On the other hand, Tadka Idly enhances its taste with mustard seeds, and curry leaves offering a twist to the traditional idly taste. Finely chopped green chillies added in its Tadka (Tempering) make it a tantalizing treat for those who crave a little zest or seasoning in their meal.

2. Medu Vada: The Savory Doughnut

Grab the nutritional goodness of urad dal (black lentils) by ordering the Medhu vada at a vegetarian restaurant. It is also titled as Indian Savory Doughnut ending appetite with its crispy and fried delight. Its exterior crunchiness and inside softness comes from the main ingredient Black Lentil which makes it an irresistible starter for vegan food lovers. 

To boost the spark of taste buds it is served with coconut chutney and sambar. Enjoy a perfect blend of textures and flavors of Sambar by dipping Medhu Vada bites in it.

3. Malai Paneer Tikka: Creamy Indulgence

Those who love to add cream to their diet can lean towards a creamy menu offering Malai Paneer Tikka as a special item. It is a must-try dish that contains cubes of grilled paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in a rich blend of cream, yogurt, and spices. 

Grilled with perfection it offers a soft and yummy dish that mesmerizes food lovers with its first bite. Soft cheese will melt in your mouth leaving different flavours that are both exotic and comforting. 

4. Soya Nuggets: The Protein Punch

Nuggets made of Soya accomplish your daily protein requirements. Offering a powerful protein punch with every bite these bit-sized chunks are marinated in a blend of spices and then either fried or baked to bring the best taste for vegan food lovers.

It offers a meaty texture that can end the urge to eat non-veg food of the most ardent meat lovers. It is a pure vegetarian dish made with soya and assorted spices blended with bread crumbs. This crunchy snack is served with tomato keth-up and is the favourite of kids.

5. Bombay Fries: A Spicy Twist on a Classic

Expert chefs suggest that no starter menu can be complete without a version of fries. Bombay Fries may look like average potato fries but are different in taste and softness.

Its cooking secrets involve tossing it in a mix of Indian spices offering a fiery flavour when you eat it. It is the perfect snack to eat with friends and begin a chit-chat of old memories spent during school or college days. 

Final Words!

No doubt a vegetarian restaurant in Calgary offers a diverse range of starters that are a feast for the taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and steamed, rich and creamy, or spicy and crunchy, the starters at a vegetarian restaurant promise a delightful culinary journey.