5 Soul Satisfying Indian Street Foods

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Even if you travel to other nations and try their most well-known street foods, we bet the flavor will not compare to Indian street food. Paani Puri, Dahi Bhallas, and Chaat Papdi are among the delectable Indian street foods. As diverse as the country is, it also has a vast range of cuisines, each has at least one specialty of street food.

Certain heart-warming street snacks were created to keep you warm and satisfied throughout the bone-chilling winter. However, just a few restaurants in provide the best street food in Calgary. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these scrumptious street snacks.


Vada Pao, an Indian-style hot burger, is a popular fast food in Mumbai. Everyone, from a school student to a prominent businessman, stops at a vada pao stall at any time of day. This traditional Marathi dish warms your tummy thanks to the fiery chilies contained within. To enhance the flavor of vada pao, it is served with a variety of chutneys, the most popular of which is coriander. When in Mumbai, having one becomes essential.


Bhel Puri is a typical Mumbai street food snack comprised of puffed rice, puri, cooked potatoes, onions, chutneys, herbs, crushed spices, and sev (fried gram flour vermicelli). This meal is a delightful snack with a variety of flavors and textures, including sour, acidic, crispy, sweet, salty, and crunchy. Bhelpuri is a low-calorie snack that is flavorful, addicting, and can be eaten at any time of year.


Papdi chaat is a famous North Indian street food snack that comes in a range of textures and tastes. Papdi or papri refers to crispy fried flour crackers produced from whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour. Chaat refers to a variety of mouth-watering Indian delicacies. Chaat can also imply to taste or lick. Papdi Chaat is made using chickpeas, potatoes, different chutneys, yogurt, papdi, curd, sev, and coriander.


Despite the fact that it is a Tibetan dish, North Indians have evolved momos or dumplings into a spicier and more flavorsome snack. Dumplings stuffed with fiery chili sauce are enticing. Mutton, paneer, wheat, tandoori, fried, gravy, and whatever else you can imagine will be available. No matter how much you eat, you can never have enough!


Pav bhaji is a typical street snack consisting of a spicy mashed vegetable curry served with soft butter-toasted dinner rolls, crispy onions, and lemon. It’s a simple, substantial, and tasty dish that’s a crowd-pleaser and ideal for supper or even a party. The Mumbai street-style pav bhaji is created on a large iron tawa (griddle) by mashing a variety of vegetables with onion tomato masala, which thickens, creams, and virtually smooths the bhaji. It’s made with gobs of butter and spiced with a particular spice blend. To serve, the soft dinner rolls (pav) are delicately toasted in butter on the same tawa as the bhaji, making them incredibly soft and more flavorful.

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