5 Facts About South Indian Food That Will Amaze You

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South Indian Food Calgary

Food facts are often the most fascinating things to learn. If you are a true gourmet, you should know everything there is to know about your favorite cuisine, especially south Indian cuisine. This is a blog you should read to learn about the greatest food franchise in India.

South Indian cuisine is one of India’s most popular cuisines. The popular food consists mostly of Dosas, Uttapams, Idlis, and Vadas, as well as delightfully flavored Sambar and a variety of Chutney.

South Indian Food Calgary

However, if this is all you know about south Indian food Calgary, here are a few fascinating facts to pique your interest.

 1. Generally, The Base For South Indian Food Is Rice

Rice is the primary component in almost all South Indian recipes. Rice is cooked at varying temperatures depending on the food item and combined with a range of spices to create varied specialties. South India produces several types of rice, which explains why there is so much variety in south Indian food, with rice serving as the foundation of everything.

2. Taste Meter

Most people believe that South Indian food is made in the same way worldwide. This, however, is a completely incorrect idea because each of the five states has a unique flavor. Similar foods are prepared with a different spice combination, and the taste might range from mild to quite hot depending on where you go.

3. Coconut For Chutneys, Always

Chutney is an essential component of South Indian cuisine. Whether it’s the crispy dosa or the fluffy Idli, it’s impossible to imagine any south Indian meal without chutney, especially coconut-based chutney. Coconut is the primary component in several South Indian cuisine chutneys. In Kerela, coconut is utilized extensively in the preparation of foods. Kerela’s key rationale for utilizing coconut as the basis is that the state is the leading exporter of coconut in India, and it is abundant across the state.

4. Veg And Non-Veg Options Available

South India offers a great selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. Whether it’s lemon rice or biryani, the region has so much to offer foodies on its bucket list. If you are truly interested in experiencing the finest of South Indian cuisine and eating both, your stomach will reward you for doing so.

5. South Indian Food Is Beyond Dosas And Idlis

What comes to mind when you think about South Indian food? It’s probably Idli and Dosa beyond Idli and Dosa, but the plot is different. South Indian food, as we all know, consists primarily of Dosas and Idlis.

But it goes much further than that, and there are a few popular South Indian cuisines that you may not have heard of before. Andhra Pradesh has Pesarattu (similar to a pancake), Upma, and Pulihaara (tamarind and rice). Karnataka South Indian food is rather unusual, and you might be shocked to learn that they employ sweets such as jaggery and palm sugar to enhance the flavor.

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