Can Pure Vegetarians Survive In Canada? Click To Know!

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Most of us have been vegetarians from childhood and feel there is nothing better than maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle.

However, the vegetarian lifestyle is not available in every country. Perhaps you come from a place where genuine vegetarian cuisine is accessible in every nook and cranny. However, despite understanding the difficulties you will experience, you may be mentally shaken if you opt to move to Canada to begin your career adventure.

Regardless of the facts presented to you, it is feasible, though not simple, to live as a true vegetarian even in Canada if you know a few basic tips and some best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Calgary.

Here is a little guide to help any pure vegetarians who are considering to relocate to Canada survive as a pure vegetarians with ease.

 1. Cook Small High-Protein Meals At Home

It is typically common to see that people who live or immigrate to Canada, learn some culinary skills in order to be able to survive diet-wise. You can cook 3 quick meals a day and stay healthy. 

For breakfast, you may create a smoothie and serve it with multi-grain bread toasted with butter, which I consider a leisurely breakfast. If you don’t want a smoothie, you can have juice.

For Afternoon Meal, you may prepare lentils and pulses with rice on a regular basis. These are excellent sources of protein. If you don’t have much time, you may buy a bag of chopped veggies and prepare them in 15-20 minutes.

2. Sometimes, Work With Frozen Food Items

You may readily obtain frozen tortillas, parathas, veggies, and canned lentils to prepare and consume on the road. As a one-time meal, I occasionally consume fruits or salads, which is generally my breakfast. Someone who does not enjoy cooking might choose tiffin service, which is at times, reasonably priced.

3. Discover Good Places To Eat

If you’re not a good cook, you still can satisfy your hunger, in fact, can have good food every day without drilling holes in your pockets. You can find vegetarian food at different places like if you’re from India, you can visit some best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Calgary like Bombay Dosa café which serves scrumptious food items that too at prices that would make your jaw drop.

Bottom Line:

Although living as a vegetarian in a foreign nation might be difficult, it is not impossible, especially with wonderful Indian eateries like Bombay Dosa Café.