Why Does Eating Ice Cream Make You Happy?

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Elevate your mood by eating ice cream. Ice cream contains elements that your body needs to level up your mood. The amino acids such as tryptophan in ice cream help you keep calm and happy. 

Ice cream flavours available with Bombay Dosa Cafe such as Chocolate, Tutti-Frutti, Mango and others are enjoyed by people of all ages to boost their mood. The taste and freeze of the best ice cream in Calgary have the magical ability to bring a smile to your face during hot summer days. 

Apart from offering a mouth-watering taste, scientists have confirmed that eating ice cream gives the same sense of happiness as you get to listen to your favourite music. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind the joy that ice cream brings.

1.  The Science of Happiness

As per scientific research, the reason ice cream elevates the mood of individuals is because of the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical messenger also known as a “feel-good” hormone. It gives a sense of pleasure to the human body. And when you eat tasty ice cream its pleasurable taste begins releasing dopamine giving you a sense of happiness. 

2. The Comfort Food Effect

Not only this, eating comfort food like ice cream lets you cherish your favourite memories and emotions. That is why when you eat ice cream it evokes feelings of nostalgia and warmth offering a sense of happiness and comfort. This emotional connection to ice cream enhances the overall experience and contributes to the feeling of happiness.

3. The Sensory Delight

Another reason ice cream makes you happy is its beautiful texture and aroma. Buying a creamy and smooth ice cream satisfies the senses. The way it begins melting pleasure with its taste increases. 

Biting a frozen flavorful ice cream full of nuts creates a pleasurable sensation in your taste buds. This sensory delight can elevate your mood. It makes the act of eating ice cream a truly enjoyable experience.

4. The Variety of Flavors

There are endless flavours of ice cream serving diverse tastes and preferences. Your mood lifts and you become happy when you are excited to try new flavours and discover your favourite one. This variety ensures that there is always something new to look forward to keeping the joy of eating ice cream alive.

5. The Social Aspect

Ice cream delights when shared with loved ones or enjoyed with friends and family. This social treatment strengthens bonds. Going out with loved ones to have a bite of ice cream can create lasting memories. These acts of sharing and enjoying ice cream together foster a sense of connection and happiness. 

6. Celebratory Occasions

Enjoying ice cream during celebrations and special occasions enhances its ability to make you happy or cherish your mood. The festive atmosphere and the presence of ice cream as a treat can amplify the feelings of happiness and excitement.


Ending with the conclusion the Best ice cream in Calgary can make anyone happy with its taste, freeze and texture. So next time when you eat a cup of your favorite ice cream remember that it is not only a tasty treat to relish your taste buds but also a good substitute to boost mood and happiness.