Common Misconceptions Everyone Has About Indian Food

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Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary

Indian food is widely known everywhere for its spices and delicious taste which is why foodies get in trying this tasty and amazing food at various best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Calgary.

But at the same time, foodies usually think a lot about Indian food which results in having numerous misconceptions in their minds. So, foodies don’t have to think much now as we are here with the information that will be shared through this blog. The information will debunk all the misconceptions of food lovers and make them love and try Indian scrumptious dishes.

Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Calgary
1. Indian Food is Always Hot & Spicy

The most common misconception that food lovers have in their minds is that the food served at the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Calgary is too hot and spicy. But this is not true at all, as the restaurants prepare food per their customers’ needs. Only then would the places be able to engage more customers, who would become food lovers by trying the food.

2. Food is Always Curry Based

Foodies often believe that  Indian cuisines are often curry-based, and gravy is generally present in them. But It’s untrue because there are different ways to prepare Indian food, like tandoori, kebab, biryani, etc. Foodies should first look at the menu and dispel their assumptions rather than merely keeping untested theories in mind. 

3. Indian Food is Unhealthy & Fatty

The dishes that food lovers want to try at restaurants think is prepared usually with unhealthy oil and are too fatty. To make a wise choice of dishes, while visiting food lovers should ask the restaurants about the oil used to have a scrumptious flavor of dishes. Other than oil, food lovers generally think that dishes are prepared using preservatives but not fresh vegetables. But, it’s not true, restaurants prefer to use fresh veggies to prepare dishes and provide a healthy experience to all the foodies. 

4. All Dishes Look the Same

Whenever food lovers visit restaurants and taste them they generally think to the ingredients and texture of the dishes are the same. But actually, it’s not true to say till the time food lovers themselves try the dishes. So, instead of going towards the texture, and ingredients, food lovers should visit the place in person and taste the food to have a delicious experience.

Final Words

These were just a few misconceptions that got debunked in food lovers’ minds after reading the above-mentioned information. To make them more clear foodies should visit the restaurants in person and check the menu before ordering to clear their minds.