Learn Why People These Days Are Going Veggie

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Vegetarian Restaurant in Calgary

You may be a meat eater, but the globe is currently seeing a tsunami of vegetarianism. But why is this the case? If we look at the West, meat is their basic meal, but according to industry experts, 28 percent of meat consumers have reduced their intake in the previous six months, with 14 percent interested in lowering meat and poultry in their diets in the future.

According to our experts at Bombay Dosa Café® which is a years-old vegetarian restaurant in Calgary, the following are the seven reasons why a large proportion of people are becoming vegetarians:

Vegetarian Restaurant in Calgary

  1. For The Welfare Of Animals

People have become aware of animal cruelty and now have an ethical imperative to shun meat. Many people have fully quit eating meat in order to avoid becoming hypocrites for promoting animal welfare and then returning home to consume meat. This is the most popular reason in the UK, with up to 54% of individuals reporting it. Popular documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives have also drawn attention to animal cruelty.


  1. Due To Concerns About The Environment

The youth is aware of the escalating environmental difficulties that they will confront in the future. The majority of vegetarians under the age of 25 mentioned environmental concerns as their primary motivation. Flaunting the fact that customers are making a decision that is beneficial for the environment and can help to build a greener future, in the long run, is likely to be a strong selling point.


  1. A Concern For Health

Many studies have found that eating meat raises the risk of heart disease, among other things. Around 49% of British people reduced their meat consumption due to health concerns, with many acknowledging that eating too much meat is unhealthy. What The Health, a Netflix documentary, even claimed that eating one egg was as harmful as smoking five cigarettes per day.


  1. Weight Management

Obesity, a huge worry in America and a serious health risk, is developing among India’s urban population as well. A vegetarian diet is more beneficial for weight loss than a meat-based one, according to research. As a result, for 29% of the global population, waste has surpassed meat.


  1. Money

It’s common knowledge that a chicken burger costs more than a vegetarian burger, or that meat eaters have greater food prices. What could be a more powerful motivator than the desire to save money? This one is geared toward young individuals who are either students or striving to make ends meet.

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